Sunday 8 April 2018

Outremer in the Press... Again!

Well as a famous person once said all publicity is good publicity... and so with this in mind I am pleased to say Outremer: Faith and Blood is in the Press once again this month.

This time the game appears in Miniature Wargames magazine, Issue 420. 

The main feature is an article by myself entitled A Call to Arms which looks at the game in general and also more specific types of mission for Warbands to undertake during a campaign.

In particular we take an in depth look at the act of sabotage and how small forces of men suitably equipped can turn the tide of much larger conflicts through a bit of targeted destruction. 

We then look at how this type of scenario can be carried over to games of Outremer; and I have included a whole new mission for players to use. 

In this mission both players’ Warbands have been hired by a larger army/faction to either protect or destroy a specific target respectively. 

The scenario is great fun and adds a further layer of tactical challenge for players of the game and there is a chance for generals to earn both a lot of reward and a lot of loot!

Finally I have included the rules for another sellsword mercenary in the form of  terrifying Muatawwi’a fanatic. 

This crazed warrior provides an excellent bit of extra punch for Saracen Warbands; whilst also presenting the opportunity for players to paint up something a little different for their force.

Obviously the article is full of full colour photos of my models in action during playtesting. 

The issue is available now from most newsagents and the Warner’s Publishing Website!

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  1. Can't find that back issue of miniature wargames magazine. How can I get that article about your game. Thanks