Sunday, 31 March 2019

New Military Order Commanders

With my latest campaign of Outremer: Faith and Blood  underway my output of models has increased exponentially. 

Given that in our most recent game my Military Order Warlord (Turcopolier) managed to incur an injury that prevents him from carrying a shield I have had to replace the model that represents him. 

As such I have painted these two figures. The one on the left will be my commander from now on, and when I have a few spare Livres I will give him a banner and then use the fighter on the right.

I really enjoy playing Outremer and watching my warband develop over time. The character development is one of the best bits of the game for me! 

I have a few more games booked in for the next few weeks with my mates so I’m looking forward to seeing how my brave band of fighters performs. Deus Vult.


  1. Cheers mate!

    Also for all things related to Outremer: Faith and Blood, it’s worth joining the game’s Facebook group!

  2. Awesome, those look very "Aly Morrison." Who sculpted them?

    1. I do really like them, and they do have the feel of Aly Morrison or Bob Naismith about them. I’m not sure who the sculptor was, but they are available at:

  3. Hello Jamie! Awesome work mate! Could you once again provide some info on manufacturer of those spectacular buildings that are shown in the book...I seem to have lost your info on that...