Sunday, 31 March 2019

New Military Order Commanders

With my latest campaign of Outremer: Faith and Blood  underway my output of models has increased exponentially. 

Given that in our most recent game my Military Order Warlord (Turcopolier) managed to incur an injury that prevents him from carrying a shield I have had to replace the model that represents him. 

As such I have painted these two figures. The one on the left will be my commander from now on, and when I have a few spare Livres I will give him a banner and then use the fighter on the right.

I really enjoy playing Outremer and watching my warband develop over time. The character development is one of the best bits of the game for me! 

I have a few more games booked in for the next few weeks with my mates so I’m looking forward to seeing how my brave band of fighters performs. Deus Vult.


  1. Cheers mate!

    Also for all things related to Outremer: Faith and Blood, it’s worth joining the game’s Facebook group!

  2. Awesome, those look very "Aly Morrison." Who sculpted them?

    1. I do really like them, and they do have the feel of Aly Morrison or Bob Naismith about them. I’m not sure who the sculptor was, but they are available at:

  3. Hello Jamie! Awesome work mate! Could you once again provide some info on manufacturer of those spectacular buildings that are shown in the book...I seem to have lost your info on that...

  4. Greetings and salutations to all!
    First a little discalmer:
    I don't have (nor do I plan to make one) an account on Facebook, hence I write this here, and the newest post was an obvious choice.

    So after my first serious battle some questions naturally arose, and those are as follows:
    1. Standard bearer:
    a) does he himself benefits from the standard (does he also get 3 actions) or does that only applies to friendly models, excluding standard bearer?
    b) can he fight with 2h weapon (or a shield in case of using a single hand weapon) while still holding and therefor applying the banner effect?
    2. Can friendly models be freely passed through or do you have to walk around them, and tho they block passage to others friendly models?
    3. Does a friendly model count as some sort of a cover while the figure behind them is being shot at?
    4. When a figure has been hit with a shooting attack, while standing on the rooftop it obviously suffers a Pushback (and if within 1" of and edge a fall), but what happens when it fails its Faith test and is forced to move single move directly away from the Shooter, and that move takes it to the edge of a roof, while still have some movement left? Does it stops there and ends its move, does it fall down (even if a building is say 9" tall and falling from that height is clearly more deadly than the fear of being shot at) or does it climb down the wall with the remaining move it has left after traversing the width of a roof (despite the fact that climbing down requires an action to perform)?
    5. The rule says that:"If a climber is successfully hit by a projectile then in addition to any Wounds received the model will also need to roll a separate Toughness Test on a D6, if it fails this then the model falls to the ground below" - now in order to be force to take this Toughness test the wound has to be inflicted or just the fact that a model is being shot (and hit) while climbing up/down is enough to undertake this Toughness test?

    Thanks in advance for all the clarifications/suggestion. I'm sure those will keep on coming as me and my playing buddies will continue on our paths in The Ourtemer and until then: Stay vigilant!!!